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State of Jefferson Land Surveying, Inc. (SOJ) is a small, agile firm, offering its clientele professionalism, promptness and thoroughness, resulting in fast turn-around for deliverables as well as projects completed on time and under budget. SOJ surveyors have extensive experience in providing design and construction surveys for all types of projects, from buildings to bridges. We also have extensive experience in boundary surveys and land development. SOJ has the staff, equipment resources, and experience to provide our clients with the responsive and cost-effective services required for all types of surveying services.


A Topcon GR5 GNSS receiver occupying project control FHWA 3919:

37°01'58.26456" N, 117°18'44.15533" W, 3454.995

Brian Christensen, CA PLS 8672 / NV PLS 21061


Flight testing a custom built Tarot T810 (837mm).